Seneca is embarking on a new era in student achievement recognition. This recognition derives its meaning from the fact that Seneca values Diversity in its learners and in their learning. At Seneca we believe that education is more than the knowledge gained within the walls of the classroom - it is a combination of knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned within the walls of the classroom and beyond the footprint of our fine institution, all designed to help learners become Global Citizens and have skills that transfer internationally.

Among other things, we value Innovation and Community and we believe that giving our students multiple ways to engage in, and demonstrate, learning is the best way to honour these values. The ever-changing landscape of tomorrow makes our job challenging, yet we believe, rewarding. We relish the ability to provide our students with a 21st Century model of learning.

To this end, the use of Micro-Credentials and Digital Badges are a way for us to value the learning that we wish to provide for our students - for our future.

Micro-credential Framework at Seneca

Seneca has designed a framework to guide the development of each micro-credential. This framework ensures that each micro-credential is:

What is a Micro-credential?

A micro-credential is a certification for a specific set of demonstrated skills and/or competencies, as valued by industry and labor markets. Micro-credentials at Seneca are earned to add value to existing formal education accomplishments and/or other certifications. They will be developed and/or endorsed by Seneca and issued in the form of open digital badges, as outlined by Mozilla’s Open Badge standards.

A digital badge is a visual emblem that accompanies a micro-credential and is a recognition of the learning/demonstration as outlined by the Micro-credential. Metadata embedded within the badge identifies the issuing institution and details the competencies, evidence and necessary criteria. required to earn the badge. Badges can sometimes be combined (or stacked) to earn milestone Badges.

Earners store their badges in digital backpacks and can display them in numerous places like social media sites, e-portfolios and CVs. Badges are shareable and they conform to open badge standards.

Why would I consider a micro-credential?

The gulf between education and employment has evaporated. The worker is just as much the learner as a student. Let a micro-credential unlock your occupational currency and let employers into your world of learning.

Micro-credentials are created collaboratively between Seneca and our Industry Partners. They reflect the skills and competencies that industry values and provide a personalized pathway for learners to acquire those valued skills.

A micro-credential is a way for industry to gain quick, detailed and verifiable insights into your skills and competencies and a way for you to showcase the learning you have done within, and outside of, your formal education.

The Details of a Micro-credential: What makes them different than what we’re used to

Skills and Competency Based

Micro-credentials describe a specific skill-set and/or set of competencies that a learner has demonstrated and reflected upon. Skills are abilities that can be done well or with expertise and competencies show an ability to apply related knowledge, skills, and concepts into novel situations.

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A micro-credential can stand on its own as a way of articulating to employers, the skills & competencies you possess, or they can be combined (stacked) with other micro-credentials to show greater breadth OR depth of skills/competencies within a discipline.

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A micro-credential can be shared with potential employers via a resume, a CV, an online profile, or social media account. The data within the micro-credential can be shared during interviews.

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Quality Assured

All of our micro-credentials are Open Badges*, which means it can be verified that the earner has indeed earned what it says they have learned; and the earner has control over who sees the meta-data contained in the micro-credential.

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Industry Recognized

Industry is hungry for talent. Micro-credentials reflect the needs of employers and offer ways to attain those desired skills and competencies.

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Learners can design their own learning pathway by selecting micro-credentials that are relevant to their interests and careers. They can earn micro-credentials within realistic time demands and can be earned without losing focus on life’s other priorities.

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