Student Conduct

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Welcome to the Student Conduct Office

Where we promote behaviour that reflects Seneca’s values – behaviour that also reflects the honesty, trust and fairness expected in the actions of all members of the Seneca community

The Student Conduct Office is responsible for receiving and responding to inquiries and can assist in resolving matters of conflict or concern. Our office offers a safe and confidential environment with trained and empathetic staff who can assist with alternative resolutions, mediation, information and referrals.

We seek to resolve non-academic student behaviour complaints primarily through non-disciplinary means (using Restorative Justice principles) or via informal resolution. However, should the Student Conduct Office decide that a disciplinary response is appropriate, or if there are safety concerns, we may initiate an investigation as outlined in Seneca’s Student Code of Conduct.

Complaints may include abusive communication, sexual violence, discrimination, harassment or disruptive behaviours that impact college operations. All complaints are documented and stored in the confidential files of the Student Conduct Office.

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Concerns can be resolved formally or informally

Contact us to help create a positive environment for all.  Any member of the Seneca community (student, faculty or staff) can contact the Student Conduct Office to consult about a matter and without submitting a formal complaint.



If requested we can follow a restorative justice approach to resolving a conflict.  Restorative Justice is an approach to resolving conflicts and repairing harm that focuses on healing and reconciliation rather than punishment.