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Setting Up the Overall Grade (Grand Total)

The overall grade is similar to a Grand Total column (or a Weighted Total column) in Blackboard Original.

To set up a Weighted Total column, look at our Setting Up an Overall Grade (Weighted Total) article.

Setting Up an Overall Grade (Grand Total)

Set up an overall grade (grand total column) by completing the following tasks.

  1. Select Gradebook.
  2. Select the gear icon.
  3. The Gradebook Settings panel is displayed. Scroll down and select Set up overall grade.
  4. Select Points.

  5. Select Next. The Overall Grade page is displayed. Make sure Points is selected.
  6. Complete any of the following tasks: 
    1. Select the exclude icon to exclude items and categories from the overall grade calculation. When the exclude icon is enabled it will turn purple and the item will be greyed out.
    2. Select the unlink icon to unlink an individual item from the category to calculate it independently. When the unlink icon is enabled it will change to the link icon  and the item will appear above the category.
  7. On the right side of the page, select the drop-down box and Select how the overall grade is displayed: letter, points, or percentage.
  8. Select Save

Edit Calculation Rules

You can edit calculation rules to include or exclude certain grades in Overall Grade. To learn how to drop the lowest grade, see: Dropping the Lowest Quiz Grade.

  1. Select Edit calculation rules to open the assessment category side panel.

  2. Select Enable.

  3. Complete one of the following tasks: 

    • Select drop scores and enter the range in which a grade will be dropped from the Overall Grade. 

    • Select use only to use only the lowest or highest score in the Overall Grade.

  4. Select Continue. 

  5. Select Save to keep the changes made to the Calculation Rule. 

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