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Professional Development Micro-credentials for Faculty

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What is a micro-credential?

micro-credential is a recognition of learning awarded for the achievement of a small set of specific competencies. Micro-credentials are issued by academic institutions, corporations, and other training organizations in the form of digital badges.

digital badge is a visual emblem that accompanies a micro-credential. Metadata embedded within the badge identifies the issuing institution and details the competencies and evidence required to earn the badge.
Earners display their badges in digital backpacks or on professional social media sites, e-portfolios and CVs.

Why earn a micro-credential?

As part of the Digital Learning Strategy, Seneca’s micro-credentials for faculty support professional development accomplishments and create pathways for ongoing learning. Our digital badges are evidence-based and encourage faculty to create relevant teaching artefacts and master applicable teaching skills. Badges can form an important part of the Faculty Portfolio and help foster Standards of Practice for faculty. Micro-credentials are a great way to showcase your expertise to colleagues across the college and beyond.

How do I earn a micro-credential?

Professional development micro-credentials are offered through Teaching and Learning and linked to our online modules, workshops and hybrid or classroom courses. After completing the learning activity, you will be able to apply for a badge by submitting specific assignments as “evidence.” Once all the requirements are met, you will be sent an email with instructions on how to claim your badge.
In many cases, several badges can be combined together into a milestone achievement representing a complete learning stream.

What can I do with my badges?

You have a choice of downloading your digital badges to your computer or uploading to eCampusOntario Open Badge Passport, a free digital backpack service. From the Passport, you’ll be able to share your badges or post to your LinkedIn account and other social media.
You can also display your badge on your Faculty Portfolio.

Learn more in the Micro-credentials for Faculty Professional Development and the Faculty PD Micro-credentials at Seneca articles in the Academic Newsletter.

Watch this video to learn more and earn your first badge!

Browse our list of professional development micro-credentials for faculty.

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